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Navy Research Contract

GEM Power, LLC of Redlands, CA. announced today that it recently signed a $1.6M, 22-month contract with the Naval Air Warfare Center of Patuxent River, MD. The basis of the contract is to add diagnostic capabilities to intelligent battery charging technology previously developed for the Navy by GEM Power. These diagnostics will include automatic capacity determination and end-of-life prediction for a wide range of battery types and applications from a single universal unit.

John James, President and CEO, stated “the research and development of this software technology will continue at the Business Suites located in the former Norton Air force base. GEM has engaged local digital, analog and software engineers and University students for this project and technology development. This technology will be able to automatically diagnose and charge 22 different lead-acid and nickel cadmium military and commercial batteries without any manual adjustments to the charger. Related work will investigate nickel metal hydride and lithium battery systems.”

James continued that GEM Power’s technology will ultimately be used to significantly increase fleet and mission readiness and reliability by giving Naval personnel the capability to trouble shoot their battery dependant complex electrical systems. GEM Power has been working with other Defense branches for technological applications for increased force protection and homeland security.

Monty Dill, GEM Power, LLC’s CFO, said while GEM Power was organized in 2000 it has experienced recent success in its efforts to obtain funding for its technology development. This funding was made possible by support from the Naval Air Systems Command, Office of Naval Research and by Congressman Jerry Lewis’ visionary support for research funding to further the development of this technology. Dill further elaborated this technology will be commercialized into making electric wheelchairs, medical equipment and boats more reliable, allowing car, boat and mobility batteries to last 3 times longer, and cut in half the number of batteries discarded or recycled.

Contact: Monty Dill

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