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Batteries on Standby, Still Ready for
Immediate Use 2½ Years Later

Redlands, California June 1, 2009 - - GEM Power’s RightCharge technology charges two hand-held radio batteries continuously for two and a half years.  Using the company’s first commercial product, the FR Charger, the batteries are fully charged, showing no signs of degradation.

Beginning in January, 2007 GEM Power placed two new batteries on the new FR Charger with the goal to demonstrate that the patented RightCharge technology can be used continuously in a standby application without harming battery capacity or life.  Today, nearly thirty months later, the batteries in a standby environment connected to GEM Power’s FR Charger remain ready for immediate use.  Periodic testing indicates the battery capacity to be consistent with the capacity of the battery at start of test.

The concept of charge-as-needed is not new.  But typical charging methods abuse batteries thus shortening the life and efficiency of batteries.  GEM Power developed a unique approach that keeps batteries on standby, ready-for-use without damage.  The RightCharge technology, developed under Navy contract, allows the battery to control the charger.  Since trickle-charging or similar methods dry out or cook batteries, the RightCharge interrogates a battery, to monitor is state-of-charge, only charging as needed.

Capable of rapid charging, the RightCharge is ideal for batteries that are in constant demand and have limited opportunity for charging.  In the public safety field, keeping batteries always ready but not “over-cooked” is a priority.  The FR Charger is employed at Emergency Operations Centers where batteries are on continuous charge in preparation for disaster response.  Additionally, FR Chargers are being used by fire departments to charge and recover batteries that are not responding to typical charging methods. 

Other, every-day applications of the RightCharge technology are being pursued at GEM Power.  While the FR Charger is GEM Power’s first commercially available and a DC-to-DC charging platform, other platforms are available for batteries up to 72V and most battery chemistries.  For more information visit or contact Michael Hardison with GEM Power at 1-909-796-9089.

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