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GEM Power In Army’s Phase 2

GEM Power, LLC has qualified for the U.S. Army’s second phase of “Commercialization of Technologies to Lower Defense Costs”. GEM Power, LLC, located at the San Bernardino International Airport – formerly Norton Air Force Base, qualified by demonstrating that their innovative battery-charging technology can save the Department of Defense (DoD) costs associated with hazardous waste material handling of lead-acid batteries. GEM Power’s technology will be able to reduce the total amount of lead-acid batteries used by the Army.

Cal State University, San Bernardino is the local program Administrator for the Army’s program. The Army has identified a number of intractable problems in the environmental, occupational safety and health areas that they are having difficulty resolving. CSUSB’s role is to identify and mentor local companies whose technology add value for identification, removal and remediation for these areas. With CSUSB’s guidance and support, GEM Power has passed the first phase of analysis for scientific soundness, market assessment for use within the Department of Defense and commercial applications, and financial assessment for cost savings.

The second phase review is a more intensive assessment of DoD and commercial usages, and financial cost savings. The Army’s program will eventually lead to purchase opportunities within the DoD and provide commercial marketing information to the participating companies.

GEM Power is currently developing its technology under a Naval Air System Command contract funded by the Office of Naval Research through spending appropriations from the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee chaired by Congressman Jerry Lewis. GEM’s proprietary battery charging software is allowing lead-acid and nickel cadmium batteries to extent their useful lives by 2 to 3 times. Additionally, these charged batteries will provide more reliable service increasing state of readiness.

Contact: Monty Dill, CFO

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