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Scientists Helping America

GEM Power, LLC of Redlands, CA. was selected as one of 237 companies from over 1,000 companies nationwide who submitted technical abstracts to solve problems encountered by Special Operations forces returning from Afghanistan. This conference was co-sponsored by the U.S. Special Operations Command, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Naval Research Laboratory. The conference titled “Scientists Helping America” was held earlier this month to focus on technical areas for reshaping the 21 st century battleground.

John E. James, President and CEO of GEM Power, LLC, explained that they are proud to have been selected to participate in the discussion topic for advancing batteries and fuel cells . He is excited about the opportunity to collaborate with the U.S. Special Operations Command regarding the advantages of GEM Power’s technological developments for meeting the conference’s goal of advancing our Special Forces capabilities. Jane Alexander, deputy director of DARPA said "We want to tap new resources to help us in our fight against terrorism. These scientists can bring a lot to the table. They can take us in directions that we might not have thought of in the past”.

James further explained that the GEM Power is currently developing software that will rapidly charge batteries without damaging them, determine battery capacity, allow a single charger to automatically charge all batteries without regard to chemistry and predict end of battery life prior to actual battery failure. Being selected to attend the conference provides GEM Power the unique opportunity of submitting research and development funding and grant proposals that specifically address the problems by the Special Forces and DARPA.

The Conference co-sponsor, DARPA, is the central funding research and development organization for Department of Defense. It's past projects include helping shape both military and space projects in the early days of the "space race". DARPA manages basic and applied research and development projects where technical risk and potential payoff are both very high, and where success may provide dramatic advances for traditional military roles and missions.

Monty Dill, GEM Power, LLC’s CFO, said that while GEM Power was organized in 2000 it has experienced recent success in its efforts to obtain funding for its technology development. This funding was made possible by support from the Naval Air Systems Command and by Congressman Jerry Lewis’ visionary support for research funding to further the development of this technology. Dill further elaborated this technology will be commercialized into making electric wheelchairs and medical equipment more reliable, allowing car and boat batteries to last 3 times longer, and cut by half the number of batteries discarded or recycled.

Contact: Monty Dill

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