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Your batteries and battery-powered equipment will work better and last longer
with GEM Power Intelligent Battery Charging Technology.

Battery Technology Description

GEM Power’s Intelligent Battery Charging Technology can convert a battery’s unique chemistry information into a diagnostic, prognostic and optimal charging algorithm.  Proprietary software is incorporated in an advanced electronic design with a 16 bit resolution microcontroller, real-time data collection analysis and dynamically changeable energy transfer, controlling battery charging and ultimately, the total energy management of the battery powered applications and battery dependent systems.

GEM Power’s Intelligent Battery Charging Technology automatically, without manual operation or user intervention, determines the type of battery to be charged, and its proper charge settings throughout the charge cycle.  Corrections are made for environmental conditions, battery type, and battery State of Life.  The battery is charged with lower heat generation and with consistent capacity from charge to charge.  This maximizes battery cycle life, allows rapid charges without damaging the battery, and fully charges but never over charges the battery.  Additionally, partially discharged batteries will be correctly and fully recharged without the risk of overcharge.

The IBC Technology recognizes parameters such as battery ohm resistance, chemical polarization, electrical double layer capacity (ELDC), and instantaneous and unstationary open circuit voltage.  All parameters are calculated based on the analysis of battery voltage sampled through charging and diagnostic modes.  The matrix of these parameters has relevant chemical interpretation and as a result, a Total Battery Management System (TBMS) can be constructed that includes charging, diagnostic and prognostic subsystems from real time feed back from the battery to the charger.  TBMS can provide battery chemistry and rated capacity recognition, detect the number of cells in a string, set the optimum charging algorithm, and determine the battery State of Health.  The SoH determines the battery State of Charge, the remaining operation time as a function of battery life, and the useful remaining discharge time as a function of the current discharge rate.

Development has been continued under Naval Air Systems Command and Office of Naval Research contracts.  The first device was submitted for independent testing in late April 2003.  The latest prototype charger is under Navy testing at two different departments.  Independent Navy testing at the two facilities validated the premise that GEM Power’s Intelligent Battery Charging Technology does not damage the batteries, and that rapid charging can be achieved.

A follow up contract was awarded to continue development of GEM Power’s Intelligent Battery Charging Technology to support Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) and Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery charging, enhance the diagnostic and prognostic abilities of the Technology, and the development of portable chargers that can be connected to both AC power and DC power sources such as emergency vehicles, and even other batteries.

GEM Power’s latest product, a portable charger for First Responders and emergency personnel is currently being field tested by local police and fire agencies with overwhelmingly positive results.

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