GEM Power

Your batteries and battery-powered equipment will work better and last longer
with GEM Power Intelligent Battery Charging Technology.

Benefits for Battery Users

GEM Power’s Intelligent Battery Charging Technology can extend functional battery life by two to three times.  Fewer batteries need to be purchased, reducing costs.  The environment benefits because fewer batteries are disposed.

GEM Power’s Intelligent Battery Charging Technology can rapidly charge batteries two to three times faster than currently available chargers.  A fully charged battery is always available, and fewer spare batteries are required, reducing costs, and increasing the level of preparedness.

GEM Power’s Intelligent Battery Charging Technology can predict the end of the battery life prior to failure.  Associated equipment failure can be reduced, if not eliminated.  Maintenance costs are reduced, downtime due to battery failure and availability is eliminated, and the level of preparedness is increased.

GEM Power’s Intelligent Battery Charging Technology is inherently different from current charging technologies, even from the latest state-of-the-art “smart” chargers.  Through real time diagnostics and analysis this Technology lets the battery control the charger.  The battery tells the charger how much charge to apply, and when to apply it.  GEM Power’s Technology applies to all battery chemistries and their associated charging issues, significantly surpassing the technology of currently available state-of-the-art chargers.

GEM Power’s Intelligent Battery Charging Technology allows batteries to more closely achieve their design life – extending their functional life by two to three times, and battery capacity remains consistent from charge to charge.  This increases the readiness, operational reliability and range of the portable equipment in use by the Armed Services, Homeland Defense, and local Police and Fire departments.  Tremendous numbers of unattended and remote sensors, portable systems and manned/unmanned mobility platforms will benefit from the increase in battery life and consistency in capacity from charge to charge.

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