GEM Power

Your batteries and battery-powered equipment will work better and last longer
with GEM Power Intelligent Battery Charging Technology.

Apply our Technology to solve
your battery charging problems!

We would be interested in hearing about the problems and challenges you have with your battery powered equipment and chargers.  Are your batteries “dying” too soon?  Is your charger “cooking” your batteries?  Is equipment down time due to battery failure costing you money?  Would it be useful to you if you could use a battery to the extent of its life, and predict when that battery needs to be replaced before it fails?  Would you like to be able to charge batteries more rapidly?

We would appreciate the opportunity of learning about your needs, and the possibility of working with you and tailoring a solution for you.  Briefly describe the equipment in use, how it is used and how often, your current battery chargers, the environment, how often you replace batteries, or any other information that you wish.   This information is for internal market research use only, and you will not be contacted by a sales person.  Let us know if you would like additional information on our Technology.

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