GEM Power

Your batteries and battery-powered equipment will work better and last longer
with GEM Power Intelligent Battery Charging Technology.

GEM Power, LLC.

Founded by Chairman Robert Richards, President and CEO John James, and Chief Financial Officer J. Montgomery Dill, GEM Power is a privately held business, incorporated in 2000, located in a recently expanded facility in Redlands, California.  Operations began in 2002 when funding was received.

GEM Power’s Intelligent Battery Charging Technology is firmware that intelligently controls battery charging, and the total energy management of battery powered applications.  Our Technology allows batteries to more closely achieve their design life, extending their current functional life by two to three times, while maintaining consistent capacity from charge to charge.  Using our Intelligent Battery Charging Technology, a single charger can recognize virtually any battery chemistry and apply the appropriate charge in as little as 30 minutes, without overcharging or damage to the battery.  Our Technology can determine the battery’s remaining capacity, and indicate the remaining life prior to actual failure.

In March of 2002, GEM Power was selected as one of 237 companies from over 1,000 companies nationwide who submitted technical abstracts to the Scientists Helping America Conference hosted by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, United States Special Operations Command and the Naval Research Laboratory. The primary focus of the conference was to tap into new ideas of scientists and inventors who have not been principals on Department of Defense contracts before. The Conference was an opportunity to "think out of the box," influence the future and help America. View Press Release

GEM Power qualified for the U.S. Army’s second phase of “Commercialization of Technologies to Lower Defense Costs” in May of 2003, and was awarded a contract in May of 2005 to develop a smart charging system for use with energy storing devices specific to electric and hybrid vehicles. View Press Release

In June of 2003, GEM Power was awarded a $1.6M, 22 month contract from the Naval Air Warfare Center (NAVAIR) of Patuxent River, MD to add diagnostic capabilities to intelligent battery charging technology previously developed for the Navy by GEM Power. The first charger using GEM Power’s Intelligent Battery Charging Technology capable of rapidly charging various sizes (5 to 100 ampere hours) of lead acid and nickel cadmium (NiCd) was delivered to the Navy in 2004. View Press Release

GEM Power signed a $1.5M, 21 month contract with the Office of Naval Research, Arlington, VA in December of 2004 to continue the development of the Intelligent Battery Charging Technology for charging smaller (under 5 ampere hours) nickel metal hydride (NiMH) and Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries. View Press Release

A follow on contract for $1.4M was recently awarded by ONR in December of 2005 to continue to develop and enhance GEM Power’s Intelligent Battery Charging Algorithm as it applies to Lithium-ion batteries, and for the commercialization of its Technology.

 A DC-DC charger has been developed that can provide charging from any DC source (mobile, stationary, indigenous), increase portable emergency equipment readiness, and allow a universal charging platform for field equipment used by public safety First/Emergency Responders and military Special Operations personnel.  A grant (2004) from the California State University of San Bernardino’s Office of Technology Transfer and Commercialization was instrumental in the development of the DC-DC charger prototype.


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