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Your batteries and battery-powered equipment will work better and last longer
with GEM Power Intelligent Battery Charging Technology.

3500 Watt Intelligent Charger (WIC)

3500 Watt Intelligetn Charger (WIC)

GEM Power developed Intelligent Charging Technology for the Navy (NAVAIR maintenance facility) and delivered the first 3500WIC charger in 2004.

The 3500WIC is a diagnostic charger that can rapid-charge lead acid, nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride batteries (5 to 200 ampere hours).  The 3500WIC automatically differentiates the size and type of battery, and determines the necessary charge.  The 3500WIC is software controlled, and easily field upgradeable.

The 3500WIC supports both 110V (50/60 Hz) and 200V (single phase).  Power cords are included.

The DC output will charge from 6V to 24V batteries.

The 3500WIC operating panel features an On/Off switch, a 4 line x 20 character LCD display, a 12 button alphanumeric keypad and the battery charging cable.

3500 Watt Intelligetn Charger (WIC)

Lug connectors are standard connectors on the battery charging cable. Positive and negative battery terminals are included to allow for connection to various sizes and types of batteries.

A temperature paddle is integrated into the battery charging cable.  The temperature paddle can be placed underneath the battery or applied to the side of the battery, and monitors the battery temperature.

The 3500WIC has three operations:  Charge, Discharge and Auto cycling.

3500 Watt Intelligetn Charger (WIC) LCD Screen

Charge:  When powered up, the 3500WIC automatically performs a charging operation.  It determines the type of battery attached, performs diagnostics to determine the charge required, and charges the battery in ½ hour to 1 hour, depending upon the size of the battery and the amount of charge required. 

During the charging phase, various messages are displayed to inform the user of the status of the process.

3500 Watt Intelligetn Charger (WIC) LCD Screens

Once the charge is completed, the 3500WIC shuts off the battery charge current, eliminating the danger of overcharging the battery, as well as the need to monitor the charging process.

Discharge:   the 3500WIC has a discharge function that can be accessed using the IC keypad. The user can enter the time of discharge, the discharge rate and the cut off voltage according to the battery specifications. 

3500 Watt Intelligetn Charger (WIC) LCD Screen

Auto Cycling:  During Auto Cycling, the 3500WIC will discharge and charge the battery at user defined rates by accessing the keypad

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